«There is nothing you might want to say that yields to the obstacle of children’s language. And this is exactly what makes children’s literature attractive; its ability to incorporate the kind of language that captivates the young and the grown-ups alike.»

Eleni Dikaiou

Eleni Dikaiou was born and raised in New Ionia, a small town near Volos, founded by Greek refugees who fled from their historic homeland in Smyrna to escape the war of 1922. Since her early childhood, she was brought up with stories from Asia Minor and Smyrna, the motherland of Homer and her own ancestors. At school, she had an inclination towards writing and the humanities. Her early stories were published in local newspapers and literary journals, including the «Diaplasis ton Paidon», a leading children’s magazine during the 60’s and 70’s. Upon her high school graduation she won a scholarship to continue her studies in the United States. Family circumstances, however, did not allow for her dream to come true. Instead, she took up a job with the Greek Telephone Company in Athens where she had a long successful career as public affairs executive.


Eleni Dikaiou is a nominee for the 2016 Andersen Award